For the Love of  Food, People, & Art

Made with love,
presented with style,
eaten with pleasure.

About Us

Meet the Founder

The concept of melding together a visual and edible art form started when Diana saw the reaction of her guests when she would host gatherings at her home. When friends and family encountered her charcuterie boards her home was filled with inspiration and compliments. From that point, she knew there was something special she wanted to share with her local community.

The Art of Charcuterie was founded in 2018 by Diana Harrison. Diana’s moto is to live an inspired life, create beauty and to pursue life’s purpose. She does exactly this in every element of her life, including her work with Art of Charcuterie.

Diana brings a wealth of experience and insight to the table. Before starting the Art of Charcuterie, she travelled the world as a private flight attendant, allowing her to explore and delve into the beauty of many different cultures. She has taken cooking classes around the world and has seen how food universally brings people together and how it is used to heal, love and nourish. 

Bringing people together through food and love is a value for Diana and the core concept for her business. 

Our vision

The Art of Charcuterie is inspired by the love of food, people and art. 

The passion and love used to create the edible and visual elements of our charcuterie is transferred to those who consume it. 

Our hope is to go beyond the nutritional elements of our ingredients and to spread love through art and food. 

When food is displayed in a beautiful way, we consume and digest it differently. We begin to appreciate the intricate details and become more present and involved in the experience. We begin to talk about our experience and want to enjoy it with other guests. That is how grazing brings people together, to share and enjoy a beautiful experience with one another, and is why Art of Charcuterie creates and facilitates this type of eating experience.